How can I see email header?

In most of the email applications like MS Outlook, Gmail, Hotmail etc. you can find header information by selecting “View Full Header”, “Display Source”, or in Gmail - “Show Original” etc. Refer to programs help files for more information, as each of email programs have slightly different options.

Below is example of where you can find the Campaign ID after viewing the full header information:

If you have received an unsolicited e-mail from a Mailigen customer, please tell us by filling out the form below or forward the email you received to abuse (at)

Please paste Campaign ID in the form below and provide us with your email address as it helps us to investigate the abuse of system. Also your full contact information if you want us to respond to you.

What is Campaign ID?

Campaign ID is unique code representing each email campaign that is sent using Mailigen system. When submitting abuse report it is most important to be able to identify which user and particular campaign is problematic.

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