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Michelle Carbone

Owner at Michelle’s Destinations Unlimited

What do you like best?

We send travel tips out to our clients based on the travel date and this has been an amazing tool for us to be able to “touch” our clients so they don’t feel like we are ignoring them when we’re really busy and they get great little “bites” of information that they actually read!

Taylor Patton

Email Marketing Manager at Success Continuing Education, Inc

What do you like best?

I like the simplicity in the drag and drop editor. I am expanding the outreach for our marketing department and engaging with customers on a more personal basis. Benefits that I have noticed is an increase in customers and sales. I have had the opportunity to increase our out reach to double the amount of potential customers.

Laura Prancane

Project Manager at iDEA HOUSE

What do you like best?

Very useful tool for our company is the SMS text integration. Mailigen has a great service which quickly responds and helps if there is a problem. Drag and drop editor is easy to use. Also Mailigen offers different types of design.

Vladislavs Lukaperovs

Project Manager, PAGE studio

What do you like best?

Best software for newsletter building with no coding. The interactive newsletter builder is great, it allows me to make responsive e-mails, which is not possible by handcrafted HTML code.

Ieva Keviesena

Project Lead, RMA “Lejina & Sleiers”

What do you like best?

Excellent customer service & user friendly campaign management. We have overall a very positive partnership experience. Excellent client service - client project managers are always available for a consultation and to suggest how to better utilise the service features. Very user friendly e-mail campaign management platform, transparent report dashboard. They are constantly improving their services & are now also offering email marketing automation.

Olita Jakovele

Marketing Specialist, Jekaba Celojumi

What do you like best?

We use this software almost two years and we are very satisfied. First of all - the best thing is that software is really easy to use. And Mailigen team is very responsive - it always responds quickly to questions, informs you about news, periodically analyzes the results of cooperation. There is always a feeling that we are important customers.

Rikant Pittie


What do you like best?

We have been using Mailigen for the past 2 years and I'm really impressed with their service, and email delivery mechanism.

Manoj Mahajan

Information Technology

What do you like best?

We are using Mailigen service from June 2013 and happily renewed this year also! The great teamwork and hard effort can be seen in every step - support to account related issue - we got it solved in 15 minutes max.

We have migrated from AWS based email hosting (AWS mailing plan + contact based 3rd party system) to Mailigen because these guys are taking care of every step we need in good mail delivery. Now we can concentrate on mail designing along with other our business than complexity in maintaining email delivery.
Mailigen takes every step very well like spam score, subject guidelines and good delivery.
Thank you Mailigen.

Robin Johnson


What do you like best?

In addition to the ease of using Mailigen and their wonderful reporting statistics, what I really like best is their excellent customer service. I always feel well cared for by their team and they are extremely helpful in resolving any questions or concerns.

Sandis Kondrats


What do you like best?

I love the simplicity of the interface, how easy is to create and run campaigns, and pricing. The product has all in one solution for newsletter campaigns as well automatic emails for the SaaS solutions. I love the product as it has saved ton of time and nerves, while developing my business.

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