Set it and forget it. Publish your content on your site and we will deliver regular email newsletters for you on the daily/weekly basis or as soon as you post something new.

Just add an RSS or XML data feed in your email campaign’s content and choose to send a single or recurring RSS based campaign.

Create your first RSS or XML based email campaign in minutes


Multiple RSS or XML feeds

You can add multiple independent RSS or XML feeds into one campaign, so your email newsletter content will be generated from different resources. For each RSS feed, you can specify the number of articles to include in the email, as well as identify if pictures and URL links should appear in the newsletter.  


RSS campaign scheduling

When you've activated the campaign, you can set the frequency of automated emails: monthly, weekly, or daily. Moreover, you can also set up precise time of the day when to deliver the campaign. These RSS campaigns will be sent out only with the new, previously not published content from your site.

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