Mailigen for Education

Did you know that 42% of educational content is issued on a monthly basis? Whether you’re a large
educational institution or an entrepreneur with an online course, you can use the power of Mailigen to
create informational emails for your students and nurture and grow your email list.

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Inform your current students

  • Inform your students of current events and important plans for the future. 
  • Use data segmentation to reach students on the right course. 
  • Schedule your campaigns to send your course one day at a time. 


Enroll new scholars

  • Use email segmentation to reach international students in new destinations.
  • Send automated emails and educate future students on your business and area. 
  • Automatically update your list using Mailigen sign up forms on landing pages and website.


Engage with teachers, parents, and alumni

  • Easily inform your faculty on new developments and important updates. 
  • Engage alumni through surveys and monthly campaigns. 
  • Keep parents informed on all important events.


Integrate with applications and open API

  • Automatically update your lists using Mailigen’s forms and social media sharing buttons. 
  • Improve your conversions by integrating Mailigen with pop-ups and landing pages. 
  • Take advantage of using hundreds of other web services and automate your entire email  marketing strategy

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