Mailigen for Financial Service Companies

Build trust and increase your community engagement. Did you know that 75% of financial service
emails are opened on mobile devices? With the rise of digital banking, financial sectors have a unique
opportunity to come out of the shell and completely personalize content with the power of Mailigen.

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Build trust

  • Create personalized mobile-friendly emails that build trust and bring brand awareness to the company. 
  • Develop interactive campaigns and engage with loyal clients.  
  • Increase brand awareness by sharing insightful and valuable content.
  • Nurture your email list with automated email campaigns. 


Grow email lists

  • Build a healthy client list using simple signup forms. 
  • Use share buttons to connect with your customers across social media platforms. 
  • Take advantage of our online survey tool to engage new and potential prospects. 
  • Create a referral email campaign with our easy-to-use automation builder. 


Improve ROI

  • Experiment with timing using our A/B testing tool. 
  • Make a decision based on real-time reports and data. 
  • Use data segmentation to improve your customer’s retention. 
  • Optimize your emails for all devices - and don’t forget about mobile. 


Integrate with applications and open API

  • Connect Mailigen with your social media and automatically update your lists.
  • Integrate with pop-ups and landing pages to improve your conversions. 
  • Save time and automate Mailigen with hundreds of other web services.

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