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Traditional real estate model is changing. Did you know that 44% of homebuyers purchased a home they found on the internet? Email marketing gives real estate agents the power of targeting individuals based on location and interest in order to close more deals and grow their email list. Learn how you can easily optimize Mailigen for your real estate business.

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Close more deals

  • Easily follow up with open house visits and close more deals.
  • Reach the right people using email segmentation and increase open rates and engagement.  
  • Use our sign-up forms and surveys to gather more information about your customers.


Inform your clients

  • Send easy-to-build mass emails to your client list. 
  • Personalize your campaigns with custom merge tags for a better engagement. 
  • Create an automation system to keep in contact at all times. 
  • Send text message campaigns to easily reach individuals. 


Grow your email list

  • Add your clients one-by-one or import a large file with just a simple click. 
  • Integrate with sign up forms, apps and CRM, and grow your list from the moment you meet your future clients. 
  • Create effective referral programs through automation


Integrate with applications and open API

  • Connect Mailigen with your social media and automatically update your lists. 
  • Integrate with pop-ups and landing pages to improve your conversions
  • Save time and automate Mailigen with hundreds of other web services.

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