Mailigen for Travel Agencies

Are you ready for an adventure? Did you know that 62% of ‘last minute holiday’ deals are
searched on mobile? Email marketing is a challenge for the travel industry, but with
Mailigen’s features, you can use it to your advantage.

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Create successful travel campaigns

  • Convert more customers with last-minute travel campaigns.
  • Create personalized mobile-friendly emails that build trust and bring brand awareness to the company. 
  • Divert attention to travel packages and special offers. 
  • Build attractive emails with a simple drag-and-drop feature.


Increase your conversion rate

  • Create automation emails and send your most popular offers. 
  • Increase brand awareness with storytelling and influencer marketing.


Personalize with segmentation

  • Our easy-to-use segmentation allows you to easily separate your customers based on their location and even interest.
  • Send personalized emails to increase your open rate. 
  • Chose from 20+ predesigned templates, catered to your industry. 


Experiment with new strategies

  • Use surveys to find out more about your customers. 
  • Analyze real-time reports and adjust your strategies to save time and money


Integrate with applications and open API

  • Connect Mailigen with your social media and automatically update your lists. 
  • Integrate with pop-ups and landing pages to improve your conversions
  • Save time and automate Mailigen with hundreds of other web services.

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