Test email campaigns easily

Use one of the four email elements to create an A/B split test campaign and find out which element of the two email versions performs the best – then send the winner to the rest of your audience.

  • Email content or CTA
  • Sending day and time
  • Subject line
  • From name


Quick and intuitive setup

Set up your A/B test campaign preferences easily at the final step of your email campaign builder.

  • Use a slider to choose the size of your contact list test group
  • Specify the test duration and delay for the winner campaign
  • Send the winner automatically or choose to send it manually


Improve based on results

Improve your future campaigns using detailed reports on the A/B test campaigns that show the winning version and include full statistics for delivery, opens, clicks, bounces and unsubscribe differences between both email versions.

75% of strategic phase marketers use A/B split testing to learn about customer behavior and how best to reach them.

* Marketing Sherpa

Are you one of the 75%? You can easily create an A/B test campaign with just a few clicks.
There is no downside—your audience receives the best of content and you get a higher ROI.

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