Target your audience better by using survey results

Using an online survey tool is an easy way to gather the feedback you need to segment your subscriber list. Then you can improve your conversion rates by tailoring your marketing messages to each customer segment. We offer you the tools to automatically segment your database for you.

  • Private Email Invitations

    Send secure and personalized survey invites to your contact list.

  • Responsive Survey Design

    Deliver beautiful responsive surveys to your respondents on any device or browser.

  • Drag and Drop Editor

    Build surveys quickly with an intuitive drag and drop editor. It's just like playing with Lego.

  • Themes & Branding

    Choose a theme or create a unique survey design that fits your brand's image.


Gain a competitive edge

Gather valuable information from your customers, newsletter recipients or anonymous respondents using responsive online surveys and enhance your future marketing based on the feedback.

  • Improve your services or products based on customer feedback
  • Send targeted email campaigns using stored survey answers
  • Make smarter decisions with real-time report data

Build responsive surveys using nine building blocks

Create any type of survey with our powerful and easy-to-use survey builder.

  • Radio Button
  • Answer Dropdown
  • Multiple Answers
  • Free Response
  • Rate Items
  • Comment Block
  • Contact Form
  • Rank Items
  • Page Break

  • Report Data Export

    Present your survey results as a PDF or export to XLS for a deeper analysis.

  • Survey Templates

    Start by using a ready made template or create your own using six question types.

  • Results in Real Time

    Analyze survey performance with charts or see individual answers provided.

  • Embed Survey On Your Website

    Collect responses directly from your website or blog by embedding a survey.

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