Your customers are telling you exactly what they want out of your emails. Mailigen helps you understand those preferences so you can deliver precisely tailored messages to your subscribers. In-depth analytics data is available to you as soon as you send out your email newsletter.

Take advantage of the report data at your fingertips:

  • Track opens, links clicked and who has unsubscribed
  • See exact reason for bounced emails
  • Get specific email client, device and browser report
  • Use Google Analytics for advanced conversion tracking
  • Discover where your readers are using GEO-location report

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  • A/B Testing
    Choose two subject lines or email designs to test and see which one won and why with detailed A/B test reports.

  • Google Analytics
    See what website activity, sales, conversions are your campaigns generating using our built-in Google Analytics integration.

  • SPAM Tests
    To avoid triggering spam filters, you can pass your email content through real spam filters before you send it.

  • Email Inbox Preview
    Ensure your email looks great in any inbox, with just a few clicks preview your template in more than 100 email clients.

  • Custom Click Tracking Domain
    Make your email campaigns, even more, personalized with your own, branded custom click tracking domain for the links.

  • Measurement Accuracy
    EEC has audited our email report measurement accuracy and given the S.A.M.E. Project seal of quality.


Device & Email Client Report

Improve your email campaign content and design based on detailed analytics on how each recipient opens, clicks and interacts with every email you send.

  • Device report reveals opens & clicks from desktop PC's or mobile devices
  • Browser report shows which browser or email client is used most often
  • GEO-location report with a world map shows opens & clicks by country

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