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Are you standing out or blending in? Did you know that 82% of B2B companies use email as a part of
their email marketing strategy? You’re the expert in your craft - it’s now the time to show off your
skills. Learn how you can use Mailigen to increase your client list and secure new projects.

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Grow and nurture your list of clients

  • Use sign-up forms to easily grow and automatically update your email list. 
  • Integrate Mailigen with social media and CMS platforms and automatically update your lists. 
  • Easily optimize your content based on the needs of your customers by adding notes. 
  • Create automated campaigns with valuable insight to boost brand awareness and present yourself as the main resource. 


Customize your strategy with segmentation

  • Target new and existing clients using the power of segmentation and create customized email strategies. 
  • Send campaigns based on point of interest, location, and industry. 
  • Take advantage of our activity-based filters and adjust your strategy to your client’s behavior.


Improve communication with your clients

  • Create automated emails to create a constant stream of communication. 
  • Save time by easily creating multiple campaigns instantly. 
  • Completely personalize and customize emails with unlimited number of merge tags.


Experiment with new strategies

  • Use A/B testing to experiment with strategies effective for your customers.
  • Analyze real-time reports and adjust your strategies to save time and money.


Integrate with applications and open API

  • Connect Mailigen with your social media and automatically update your lists.
  • Create pop-ups and landing pages to improve your conversions. 
  • Save time and automate Mailigen with hundreds of other web services.

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