6 Secrets to Unlocking Email Marketing ROI

It`s always a bit of challenge to create a successful email marketing campaign and demonstrate results. All successful marketing campaigns are based on numbers. We have collected the best tips for unlocking email marketing ROI and want to share them with you.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective marketing channel with a mind-blowing ROI of 4300%! This is probably the most important metric for measuring marketing success and it means that email marketing is pulling in $43 for every $1 invested (according to the Direct Marketing Association). Our guide will lead you through smart tactics on how to:

  • Set up measurable goals and link them with campaign results
  • Calculate ROI & Customer Lifetime Value
  • Compare your program against industry best practices
  • Use 10 step checklist to increase your existing ROI

By knowing precise ROI, it’s easier for you to convince executives of the efficiency and cost benefits of email marketing.
Follow our tips and discover how to increase in sales rather than clicks and how to get more by paying less.

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