Mailigen’s dynamic email content feature lets you create and automatically deliver HTML content tailored to your subscriber segments. It lets you easily create a unique and engaging experience for your email recipients.

The system will generate a unique email content for each of the targeted audiences based on various customer attributes like name, gender, email domain, age, geographical location, purchase history and other data you have about the user.

Display different content based on two types of conditions:

  • when subscriber meets particular criteria
  • when specific criteria are not met


Readers are more engaged with relevant messages, and you can achieve this by using dynamic content in your email campaigns.

Instead of sending multiple campaigns to different segments of your contact list, just create one campaign, include as many criteria as you need in your email template code and click send.

Use one of the two options to select your audience:

  • select previously created segment with multiple criteria
  • create a group of people matching a single field value

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