Lead nurturing and relationship building on auto-pilot

To gain more focus, more revenue and more time, you know you need to automate.

Whatever your business does, automated email and SMS series are the best way to nurture your leads and make sure nobody gets left behind, that every customer feels you care about him immensely.

Did you get a new subscriber? Then greet him with drip welcome email series. Did a new customer purchase his first product? Then make sure he knows how to use your product with onboarding email series.


Choose your automation triggers

Deliver relevant, contextual email and SMS messages to your customers by triggering personalized communication based on real-time customer behavior such as:

  • Welcome new customers when they sign up
  • Follow up on email campaign activity, like opens and clicks
  • Greet your customers on birthdays or any particular date
  • Trigger drip campaign when a specific field value is updated
  • Send email series tailored to the purchases from your store


Build automated workflows easily

An intuitive workflow builder allows you to create simple time-based and very sophisticated behavior-based email automation series. Just choose what elements to add, edit or delete. 

  • Send email & SMS messages in your series
  • Add branches and IF conditions
  • Create random split for messages
  • Tag your contacts when they interact with messages


Know your customers!

Learn what's working with your subscribers - and what's not. You can quickly evaluate the email series effectiveness, analyze customer engagement and conversions with granular reports.

View individual reports such as open and click rates, geolocation, and conversions reports. Then make adjustments to your email series on the fly without interrupting your email flow.

Use Our Automation Blueprints to Kickstart Your Campaigns

We know how hard it is to get started with an empty page! We give you a head start with our
pre-built automation blueprints and email messages, and content that's ready to send. Just
choose a trigger, personalize the message and have a drip campaign ready in minutes.

  • Welcome series

    Introduce new subscribers to who you are and what you have to offer - just like in real life when you meet someone for the first time..

  • Educational series

    Provide your customers with relevant product information, testimonials and incentives to help them understand your products better.

  • Win-back campaign

    Are your subscribers disengaging from your brand? Show your appreciation and re-engage them with incentives, gifts, or a new product offering.

Gain more focus, more revenue and more time! Automate Your Lifecycle Marketing  

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