Use 9 different types of content blocks

Bringing all the pieces of an email together has never been so simple! Design a template using a set of different content blocks.

  • Title
  • Image
  • Text
  • Button
  • Video
  • RSS content
  • Social profiles & sharing
  • Dynamic content
  • Horizontal divider

  • Gallery of pre-designed templates

    Choose from a range of unique templates or create a beautiful responsive email template on your own in just minutes.

  • Up to four column layouts

    Use layouts with up to four-column frames to create emails your heart desires. For more complex structures, insert a frame into a frame.


Preview your emails on different devices before hitting send

The drag and drop editor offers an email design preview on various screens. See how great your email looks on mobile, tablet and desktop before you send your campaign. Or use Inbox Preview tool to see your email in more than 100 different email clients.


Insert video in your emails

The video content block allows you to insert videos from and to make your emails POP.  You can use a static video preview image or generate a GIF animation for even more engaging emails.


Embedded images

Are you tired of your email images being blocked by email clients? We have the perfect solution for it. With embedded (inline) images your email content will display correctly, without requiring the recipient to click “show images” option.

Six more powerful features

  • Buttons are the best way to get subscribers to take an action. You can customize color, size and shape to your liking.

  • Social media links will guide subscribers to your profiles and make them share your content. You can customize icon color, size and shape.

  • RSS & XML feeds allow you to automate email campaigns. Insert several independent data streams to make your message highly targeted.

  • Default text formatting for the entire email, content block or group of elements lets you avoid changing and adjusting each element separately.

  • Image gallery with powerful editor offers a wide range of options for quick and easy image editing.

  • No knowledge of HTML or complex actions are needed to edit content blocks, so you can focus on your business goals instead.

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