Integrated SMS Platform

Reach your customers or partners anytime and anywhere with a short and accurate message that drives the desired action. SMS text messaging provides a cost-effective, efficient and secure way to communicate.

Mailigen offers a robust SMS platform with worldwide message delivery, detailed reporting, link click tracking and integration with the email marketing channel to increase your overall conversion rates. 

  • Global SMS coverage with 800+ operators across 190+ countries
  • Use a unique sender name or phone number
  • Get real-time delivery reports 

  • Import & Segmentation
    Upload mobile numbers from Excel or copy from clipboard. Sort your contacts into different segments and lists.

  • List Building & Signup Forms
    Each website visitor is a potential mobile subscriber; catch their details today with Mailigen’s powerful signup forms.

  • SMS Sender ID
    Turn simple SMS into a powerful branding tool by displaying company name as the sender of a text message.

  • Personalized SMS Messages
    Include custom fields to send thousands of personalised text messages in just seconds to recipients all over the world.

  • Schedule Text Messages
    Schedule your important SMS reminders, alerts, campaigns and notifications online to be sent when needed.

  • Languages & Unicode SMS
    Send long text messages up to 918 characters in English, Arabic, Japanese, Chinese, Russian or any other language.


Reporting & Analytics

Measure the effectiveness and profitability of your SMS marketing campaigns by accessing real-time performance metrics on text message delivery and your customer responsiveness.

  • Delivery statistics. See how many subscribers have received the message and which mobile numbers were incorrect.
  • Link click tracking. Trace recipient interest in your message by adding automatically shortened and trackable links to your promotion. 
  • Google Analytics integration. Track website conversions and monetary success of your SMS campaigns.


Innovative SMS Automation Tool

Automation gives you more conversion opportunities and makes your marketing more efficient. Mailigen platform offers several unique options for integrating SMS and email in unified automation series.

  • Send SMS if customer opened an email campaign or clicked email link
  • Send a follow-up email if customer clicks on a link in SMS message
  • Send an email if SMS message delivery failed
  • Send SMS message after certain time from the sign-up
  • Send SMS greeting on a specified date

Explore The Power of SMS Marketing

SMS and email are two of the most efficient tools for sending the right message to the right person
at the right time, and - most importantly - through the right medium.

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