Share your campaigns on social networks automatically

Make information available to users who are not subscribed to your email list by connecting Mailigen to your Twitter and Facebook accounts to automatically post your campaigns on those networks. Build a new stream of potential customers with social media referral traffic and deliver your content to a wider audience.


Social media sharing links

Place Facebook Like, Tweet, and many other social buttons in your campaigns to let your readers share the love on their social profiles. Social media sharing links can make campaigns available to new audiences and a chance to go viral. You can customize email to include only your favorite networks.


Promote your social media profiles

Give your users a chance to visit your social media profiles directly from the emails you send and become your followers on other networks if social media is an important component of your digital marketing strategy. 

Use the stylish, easily noticeable social media icons we offer in our email editor to link to your social media profiles.

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