Hosted Forms & Embedded Forms

Mailigen lets you design Hosted Forms that are perfect if you don't have a website or you want to gather emails on social networks. 

Embedded web forms give you a great flexibility - just copy the form’s HTML code, place it anywhere on your website. Place it in a visible spot on your site and let your personality shine. See how easy it is in our Knowledge Base.


Popup Forms

The pop-up form is still the most effective way to grab your visitor’s attention and email address. 

Go deeper than one generic form for all pages - place different pop-up forms in several popular sections of your homepage and later user signup “source” to send more targeted email campaigns. 


Lightbox & Exit Intent Forms

A lightbox popup appears on top of the web page darkening the background so that the form stands out. 

Lightbox popups or exit intent forms can be used for gathering email addresses as well as displaying any call to action. This form is very powerful and eye-catching as it minimizes other distractions and captures the visitor’s attention before they leave the webpage.

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